Book Design “Não deixe que um dia de sol estrague seu mau humor”

Graphic design, illustrations and layout for the 4th book by publicist Ciro Pellicano, with 532 amusing microtexts on everyday topics and the author's observations.

The aphorism is a format halfway between prose and poetry. These lean and at the same time meaningful micro texts are compared by some to the "hand luggage" of literature.

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In his fourth book, “Don't let the day of the sun spoil your bad mood", publicist Ciro Pellicano offers us 532 aphorisms that portray his sagacious and acidic humor on different themes of our daily life.

The work published by Editora Ornitorrinco, featured graphic design, art direction and design by Ana Megda (partner of Siamo Studio) and illustrations full of life by Joana Resek.

The pocket format and the high-contrast 2-color solution deliver a light and fun reading, which can accompany the reader in moments of escape and relaxation.

This 140-page editorial project of everyday thoughts mixes short, fun texts with creative illustrations.

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Ano: 2016
Cliente: Ciro Pellicano
Projeto gráfico e edição de arte: Ana Paula Megda
Ilustrações: Joana Resek