Dois Mundos

This branding project for Dois Mundos presents a new proposal to the market: the union of drinks with flavors inspired by confectionery, in a unique and fun way.

"It was a pleasure to have delivered the entire Dois Mundos project to Siamo Studio! From the initial meetings, all the team's commitment was spectacular, which made the result assertive to the public that I want to communicate. Thanks to everyone involved." - Chef Ricardo Campos, founder of Miroh! Chocolate Makers and Dois Mundos

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Millennials have a unique and profound relationship with food. This generation associate food with elements of its identity, culture, history and self-expression. Amidst this myriad of meanings and relationships, there is plenty of room for brands that seek to innovate and build relevant value propositions for those who love to discover and venture out.

Dois Mundos (Portuguese for "Two Worlds") is a young company that combines passion and knowledge, creating innovative and captivating drinks for those in search of new sensations and experiences.

To connect with its consumers, the brand assumes a light and positive tone of voice, which embraces freedom through experimentation and the search for time to appreciate and share the simple things in life, as a lifestyle to be celebrated.

The naming developed by Siamo Studio, as well as the 'drink for chocolovers' tagline, reinforces the core concepts of the brand and its segmentation, making the proposition clearer to its potential audience.

The visual identity mixes fluid and organic shapes, cheerful colors and fun illustrations, which express the spirit and lifestyle "light and uncomplicated, as life asks".

Finally, the project also included the development of the first Dois Mundos label, a sparkling rosé from Serra Gaúcha with aromas of chocolate, creating a light and refreshing drink, with an alcohol content of 7%.

Check out the brand's manifesto in full below:

'Never have we needed to blend in so much as we do now.

Rediscover flavors, textures, smells and sensations of the places, hear the sound of laughter that comes easily in a pleasant chat between friends.

Mix to taste the world, to evolve, to explore new sensations and interact with the things and people that make us feel good.

A toast to moments accompanied by what makes us happier.

Dois Mundos. Drinks for chocolovers.'

With the tagline 'Drinks for chocolovers', the Dois Mundos brand presents its positioning by producing innovative, unpretentious and fun drinks for confectionery lovers.

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Year: 2022
Client: Dois Mundos/Chef Ricardo Campos
Brand Strategy, Naming and Copywrite: Pedro Cizoto
Art Direction: Ana Megda
Graphic Design: Rafael Busmayer e Ana Megda
Packaging design and illustrations: Rafael Busmayer