Branding for Bean to Bar Chocolate Shop

Inspired by fine arts, Miroh! Chocolate Makers aimed to communicate the exclusivity and differentials of the bean to bar process of this artisan chocolate shop.

"We are chocolate makers. We go beyond the industry's standardization of flavors, as we believe that the union of ingredients of controlled and selected origin, the technical knowledge and the gastronomic twist of a chocolatier chef can turn chocolate into something surprising to the eyes and palate. We found in the 'Bean to Bar' model the ideal way to extract the maximum flavor and personality from the cocoas from different origins that we work with, valuing all stages and processes of the production chain. Our products are handcrafted, authorial and unique, bringing a light spirit and happy of everyone involved in its production". (Miroh Manifesto)

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The Naming:

Ease of pronunciation inside and outside Brazil and market differentiation were some of the assumptions for the naming process of this project. We add to this the training of Chef Ricardo Campos, who did one of his specializations in Barcelona, and the connection with his creative process, which balances modernity and a playful spirit. Thus came the link with the surrealist artist Joan Miró.

We combined Miró with the interjection “Oh!” to unite the world of the Spanish artist and the surprise factor when enjoying a delicious chocolate.


Concept | Bean to Bar chocolate is a form of art

What do bean-to-bar chocolate and visual arts have in common? Both arise from a process that involves a lot of attention and creativity. That's why we bet on this connection that exists in the creative process between art and chocolate for Miroh's communication! Chocolate Makers.

We incorporated a common element of Joan Miró's works into the brand: the eye. It refers to cocoa and also represents chef Ricardo Campos' vision of the bean to bar process.



Visual identity | Fluidity, fun and energy

We created a flexible and artistic visual identity to bring together different styles and provide more fluidity, fun and energy in communication. Stamps and internal communication can be created through the shape bank. They were abstracted from different works by Miró as options to compose the visual identity.

The Branding study involved the naming and visual identity of Miroh! Chocolate Makers, the first Bean to Bar chocolate shop in Gramado, which has already accumulated national and international awards in its first years of operation.

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Year: 2020
Client: Miroh! Chocolate Makers | Chef Ricardo Campos
Brand Strategy, Naming and Copywrite: Pedro Cizoto
Art Direction: Ana Megda
Design: Rafael Busmayer
Illustration: Fabiana Martins and Rafael Busmayer