Pivot Point Custom Magazine for Valley Irrigation

New graphic project for the customized corporate magazine Pivot Point Valley, focused on the universe of irrigation and agribusiness.

The Pivot Point custom magazine is an initiative by Valley Irrigation, a global leader in precision irrigation systems, to engage with the agribusiness audience.

The publication is part of a relationship and brand building strategy between dealers and their customers. Over the years, it has become a benchmark in its segment for delivering a consistent, reader-oriented value proposition.

Its editorial line acts as a bridge between quality and relevant content and rural producers in search of knowledge to boost their businesses through technology, science and good practices.


In this new graphic project developed by Siamo Studio, the main focus was to modernize the publication's language and visual resources, providing a greater connection with the brand's personality and its contents.


The cover project seeks to enhance the beauty of photographic productions that present real contexts of use of products in the field, starring real customers, with a marked use of typographic resources.


The stories gained greater impact and a better hierarchy of information, through the Tablet Gothic family, which gives versatility and weight to the titles, in addition to a more modern game of image overlay, different levels of prominence, bringing more points of attention in the layout and a less stiff column.


Illustrations, collages and numbers with greater weight, immerse the reader in the content in a more interactive and visually impactful way.


In addition to the project, the 2022 edition also featured Siamo's layout and graphic editing, which can be seen in full at this link.

A new and modern visual language for a corporate magazine that has become a reference in the agribusiness segment.

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Year: 2022
Client: Valley Irrigation
Graphic Design: Ana Paula Megda
Layout: Ana Paula Megda and Ana Paula Dornelles