Publication Design

The editorial design combines aesthetics with functionality, offering a more fluid and pleasant reading experience for relevant content. At the same time, it organizes information considering flows, hierarchies and best practices of digital and printed formats, such as ebooks, catalogs, books and magazines.


Our approach

We combine the creative potential of a newsroom and experience in major publishers in Brazil with the methodology and service capacity of a design studio, to serve publishers, production companies, brands and businesses that apply editorial in their business models or communication strategies and engagement.


Our network of professionals and partners is multidisciplinary and includes designers, typographers, calligraphers, illustrators, journalists, advertisers and brand strategists, with experience in different contexts and industry segments.

What we do

Publication Design

  • Publication Design System
  • Book Design
  • Magazine Design
  • E-books & White Papers
  • Illustration
  • Photograph direction
  • Infographic & Data-Visualization

Digital Design

  • E-books & White Papers
  • Corporate Reports
  • Layout and animation of presentations
  • Key Visual for Websites and Landing Pages